The World of Design is pleased to offer this Monumental Pair Royal Chinese Qing Dynasty Style Imperial Yellow Glazed Palace Vases

Dimensions: H. 50 inches x D. 18 inches

Circa 1900 on Bronze Bases, the Chinese name is 黄地釉蟠桃会图案盘口双象耳灯笼长瓶

Qing Dynasty 1684 – 1799

The original pair of these vases were made for court use only, the motif expresses the scene of heavenly peach banquet, according to the Chinese mythology the peach tree bear fruit every 3,000 years and eating will bestow immorality. Therefore every 3,000 years the Queen Mother of the West holds the Heavenly Peach Banquet and shares the peaches to the immortals in Heaven. (NOTE: this story appears in a book named “The Journey to the West.”)

The vases are flanked by pair of elephant ear handles, knowingly that the elephant figures shows the pursuit of immorality as well.

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